Intensive Tutorial™

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Focused on the individual learner’s specific needs

The individual immersion program is one of the most effective methods of language learning. The entire course is conducted by means of individual training thus allowing the course to be adapted to the precise level and needs of the learner.

The individual immersion program also enables teaching methods to be adapted to the learning style and pace at which the student can successfully learn.

Individual training ensures that:

  • the teacher devotes 100% attention to the student
  • teaching methods are adapted to the learning style of the student
  • individual weaknesses and specific needs of the student are addressed
  • the course content is tailored to the student’s study or career objectives
  • inhibited or reserved students receive maximum talking practice
  • no time is wasted covering points already known to the student or of no relevance.

To ensure that the student’s specific needs are met, a language placement test and needs analysis are carried out at the beginning of each course in order to determine the precise level, needs and objectives of the participant. This forms the basis of the student’s personal learning program.

A balanced approach
In order for the students to benefit from a variety of pedagogical methods as well as different accents, voices and personalities, team-teaching is used. This allows the student to have maximum exposure to all aspects of the target language.

35 hours per week : 6 hours of training per day + 1 hour lunch with the teacher.

Cultural/social activities may be included upon request.

Per week 30 hours 25 hours 20 hours 15 hours
1 week $CAN3475 $CAN2945 $CAN2415 $CAN1885
2 - 3 weeks $CAN3395 $CAN2865 $CAN2335 $CAN1805
4 - 7 weeks $CAN3375 $CAN2845 $CAN2315 $CAN1785
9 - 11 weeks $CAN3355 $CAN2825 $CAN2295 $CAN1765
12 - 52 weeks $CAN3335 $CAN2805 $CAN2275 $CAN1745

Pricing Includes:

  • Homestay accommodation in single room (half board)
  • Internet/e-mail facilities
  • Initial testing service
  • Loan of all course material
  • Fitness centre

Accommodation Options:

Multiple accommodation options are available. Please visit our accommodation page for more information.