Study abroad in Canada

Quebec is the largest of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories by area, and the second largest by population. Most of the 8 million residents live in the cities along the Saint Lawrence river, including in the provincial capital city Quebec City, and the largest city Montreal. 

Located in the east of the country, Quebec has excellent transport links to the rest of Canada as well as the north-eastern USA. Montreal, for example, is located within a two hour flight radius of major cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, New York, Washington DC and Philadelphia.

The province has a rich history, with Quebec City being one of the oldest European cities in North America and the only fortified city in the Americas remaining north of Mexico, being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. There are several museums, galleries and cultural events hosted throughout the province, providing something for all visitors.

Quebec is at the forefront of several leading-edge industries in Canada, including aerospace, software engineering and multimedia, and spends more than any other province in Canada and the EU on research and development (R&D). Several national and international companies have bases in Quebec, with over 2,230 foreign subsidiaries in Montreal alone, providing thousands of jobs and attracting skilled workers from across Canada and beyond..

Quebec is the only primarily francophone province in Canada with solely French as the official language, although as is the case throughout the whole country federal institutions must offer services in both English and French. Approximately 80% of Quebec’s residents are native French speakers, with 45% self-reporting to be bilingual in both English and French, and significantly higher numbers in the ‘bilingual belt’ of Canada, which includes cities such as Montreal.