In-company training - French

MLS provides language training adapted to meet the needs of individual organisations in the Montreal area.

From the initial evaluation to the final progress reports, a personal service is ensured throughout the entire training session.

The course is delivered in packages which can be taken at flexible times to meet the organisation's needs and seamlessly fit into the working day.

Each session is delivered by an MLS tutor, either in-person in the Montreal area, or live via Zoom

Each session can be attended by as many learners as the organisation requires, and it is possible for participants to join virtually from multiple locations.

Course content can be tailored to meet specific in-company goals, and focus on bespoke skill and/or content requirements including: leadership skills, project work for specific purposes and English for professional careers including law, medicine and aviation.

Please note that the tutor's expenses (e.g. travel) are charged to the company client.